Live Chat

WebsiteAlive is software that provides an effective and efficient way for the company and customer to interact. It provides a service that is secure, fast and a user-friendly interface to provide a quick response amongst agents. So WebsiteAlive is not just a simple plugin for your website but is a necessity when it comes to connecting with your customers online.

Highlights of the Software

  • Web, Desktop and Mobile Interface – WebsiteAlive allows its operators to run the software by using the browser that they prefer – Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. It can also be run in Windows or Mac just by simply downloading the desktop plugin. Another way that it can be accessed is through mobile and it can definitely run on smart phones like iPhone, Blackberry and Android.
  • Easy Setup – Setting up the software is very easy to do. You can just login to your website then add in the HTML/Javascript and you’re done.
  • Easy Customization – This software doesn’t necessarily require that everyone needs to have knowledge with CCS, Javascript or HTML to set it up. The easy to use interface will get things going for you and you can customize any way you want it just by the simple use of your mouse and keyboard.
  • A Dedicated Team is Always Ready to Help – If ever you are puzzled by a certain setup, a team is ready to take care of that configuration for you. You can easily contact the company’s support by email, chat or call and they’ll respond to you as soon as they can.
  • Success for Every Customer – WebsiteAlive believes that every company has different needs to make it flourish. In order for the companies to get the best for them, the team is always ready to suggest solutions that will ideally fit for the organization.

Reporting and Analysis Capabilities

  • Visitor Recorder – This report allows operators to analyze the traffic patterns of the website based on the information provided by visitors. The data can be incorporated with Google Analytics or any application similar to that. It will help determine which of your marketing strategies are working and eventually let you analyze which area you should refocus.
  • Survey Results – Once a chat has ended, you have a choice if you want your visitors to undergo a survey. This report will be helpful in getting feedbacks from visitors and to let the operators know what else they can do to improve their support/services.
  • Proactive Pop-Up Invitation – The automatic triggers will send several proactive chats each day but surely every visitor won’t accept them. This report will show the effectiveness of the invitations and will provide a data for the number of accepts and rejects.
  • Agent Utilization – This report will analyze the operator’s performance and status. The operator performance will include data such as average response time, number of chats engaged and average time spent on each chat.

WebsiteAlive has gone beyond average in providing their customers the best chat software application and can provide a guaranteed security. So if you want the best for your customer support then it’s time to give this software a try.