Velaro Live Chat

Live Chat

When it comes to live chat software, Velaro is considered a heavyweight for this category. This company resides in Elkridge, MD and has been around for more than 10 years in providing the best services for their clients which includes big ones like Comcast, GM and Dell.

A full-service enterprise is the kind of live chat software which every large companies would want to have. The investment that companies will be making for their customer support will surely be a great ROI since it can help a lot in sales conversion.

The features that Velaro live chat provides is very convenient from what you’d expect from customer support software. This software includes things like conversion tracking, click-to-call, CRM and helpdesk integrations, real-time visitor monitoring and many more. The “Intelligent Engagement” is probably one of the coolest features that you get to experience from the software since it allows operators to tailor their messages accordingly.

Despite being a great success, Velaro still lacks in terms of mobile support or other integrations with IM programs. This makes it impossible to talk to visitors on IMs such as Google Talk since Velaro simply wouldn’t allow it. Even though that’s the case, it’s not such a big deal for most companies since they usually have a large volume of in-house support staffs. The only disadvantage is that customer support might be impossible when on-the-go.

The focus on customer support of this software surely is efficient to use and the training for live chat agents is fairly easy. With the easy training, your operators will surely get their game going once this customer support software goes online.

The price of Velaro for premium users might be a bit pricey since it costs at around $54 per month for each user. A slight price break is also applicable for those who have a huge team of operators. However, the price wouldn’t be so much of a big deal for their big-time clients since it can be a great investment for their business.

If you sign up for Velaro, the first step will have to be a 2-week test drive which is also known as Pilot. The installation of this software is also easy to understand and can be integrated to your website within minutes. Just a simple copy paste of the script and you’ll be chatting away with your customers in no time. Once it has been installed, you will start experiencing how well Velaro is going to be for your business particularly on supporting customers.

Overall, you can definitely tell how great of a customer support software Velaro really is. This user-friendly software surely is ideal for small to large businesses. The customization tools will also make it easy for operators to handle and it will be really convenient for them to use once the setup has been done.

So whenever you plan on providing the best services for your customers, live chat software like Velaro should be something that you must invest in. With this software aiding your business, you will be experiencing sales conversion in no time.