StealthGenie Review

Cell Phone Spy Software

When it comes to cell phone monitoring, tracking and spying software, things may get a little bit complicated with all the terms and processes involved. Yes, it can be confusing and a bit hard to take in because of the sheer amount of information that you have to know.

You have to know how the phone spying software works, the phones compatible with the software and the things that you can monitor like calls, SMS messages and the like. The terms jailbreaking and rooting may be new words for some people and this may lead to a lot of confusion in the process. That’s why you have to take your time to know how phone spying software works.

But why would you need a cell phone spying or monitoring software, you ask? There are a lot of reasons. Sure, you can monitor the call and message logs of your partner (whom you suspect is cheating on you); however, it’s not just about dealing with jealousy or commitment issues. You can also monitor the phones of your loved ones in case someone else steals their phones or if you want to make sure they are some place safe even when you can’t actively contact them.

However, the fact remains that there are a lot of bogus products and scams when it comes to cell phone spying software. Therefore, you need to be careful on what and where you buy these. You should take a look at the legitimacy of a company and consider if they are to be trusted or not.

To the eyes of the common people, these companies may look legit and legal but upon closer inspection, they end up selling bogus merchandise that just take away your money. So how can you choose the best cell phone spying software out in the market?

Look no further. When it comes to the best in cell phone spying software, StealthGenie has your back.

What is StealthGenie?

StealthGenie is considered to be one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, cell phone monitoring, tracking and spying software that you can get in the market. It’s capable of monitoring all sorts of activities that the target phone may do – may it be an iPhone, a Blackberry, an Android phone or a tablet like the iPad, it doesn’t matter.

The StealthGenie can watch them all without any hitch. It’s easy to install on the device that you want to keep monitoring and there are all kinds of features that comes with the StealthGenie like monitoring call logs, GPS location tracking, being able to read SMS or MMS messages, read emails, get logs of photos or videos taken and a whole lot more.

The StealthGenie is capable of intercepting live calls and then recording them for reference later on. Not only that, you can also set words that can act as trigger for alerts when they are found in text messages. These features promote the safety of whoever the owner of the target phone is.

Aside from those, the StealthGenie is also capable of hooking into a wide range of chat applications like Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and BBM, enabling you to monitor through these channels and track activities without any opportunity of missing anything.

Other features of the StealthGenie include geofencing set up, a convenient remote control command system and the support of 8 different languages to expand on its monitoring system further. There are a lot more features available with StealthGenie and it is certainly worth the subscription fee that comes along with it. When it comes to cell phone tracking and monitoring software, you can’t go wrong with StealthGenie.