When it comes to marketing, it becomes a daunting task of insurmountable proportions because it deals with talking to and attracting customers. While this may sound unclear to most people, this is required to get more profit and ultimately lead to a business’ success.

Internet Marketing Tool

Without marketing, very little people will know of your business. As such, this will lead to the business dying out because of not enough people procuring of the products that they sell or the services that they offer. And it’s a given that no business owner would want that for their business. If you’re in business, your goal should always be towards success.

There are a number of ways that you can reach out to your potential customers. For example, ads on television or radio are already well-established advertisement systems that have been in use for several years already.

While they may start to be becoming outdated in our modernized age, their use is still prevalent up to date. However, if you really want to get the customers that you want, you have to be creative and innovative in the ways you devise. That is why there’s no need to stick with the basic ways to market your business. It’s time to initiate the change, even in the marketing of your business.

And that’s what ProTexting brings you in their SMS platform with the priority on marketing.

What is ProTexting?

ProTexting is basically an SMS platform that helps you reach your current and potential customers of your business. With ProTexting’s text message-based marketing service, you can get contact number from your customers and then use ProTexting in a marketing strategy just like in a text-to-win contest. Aside from that, you can also send reports, promos and information in regards to your business.

What ProTexting does is build a bridge between you and your customers through a two-way communication dialogue with the use of contacts. While there’s the common mass text to contacts as the initial campaign of a business, ProTexting allows you to expand on basic text messages by letting you send automated responses and surveys. You can even set scheduled text messages for your clients put up on a regular basis, keeping them up to date on anything and everything about your business.

Another feature that ProTexting does is uploading your list of existing contacts to an online database which you can then use for communication. Aside from that, you can even add a widget on your website that will let potential customers enter their information if they’re interested in the business that you have. But you can also ask people to join your group through the use of a keyword, example a short code of 53422 would do.

If you think that’s where ProTexting ends, you’re dead wrong. There’s more. It also includes features like mobile surveys and voting, URL shortening, displaying of analytics and reports, controlling text messaging campaigns through the app, giving out virtual business cards, name capture and email capture to build a steady database of subscribers and a whole lot more.