Protexting: Perfect Aid For Email Marketing

Protexting: How Can It Help You In Your Online Marketing Campaign?

Protexting: How Can It Help You In Your Online Marketing Campaign?

Protexting helps you discover the best approach to achieve present and potential clients for your business. This quick message showcasing application gives you a leeway to contact your clients efficiently. Protexting offers a potentially more optimized organization for all the conacts and arrangements that you will be having in the future. You can settle on a few sorts of reporting, and you will have entry to an expansive knowledgebase to answer your inquiries.


Protexting’s administration basically manufactures an extension between you and your customers, making a two-route dialog with your contacts. Its services include giving you a quick option to give general responses to your email lists. With Protexting, you can additionally set up timetables to convey quick messages to your clients all the time or at a set time.

In the event that you have a current arrangement or a commitment, you can transfer them to your Protexting online database. You can likewise add a gadget to your site that permits your would-be clients to enter their data. On the other hand, you can ask individuals to join your gathering by messaging a watchword of your decision to a number just like a short code.

This administration likewise offers a mixed bag of membership administration capacities, for example, the capacity to physically include a boundless number of contacts. You can additionally compose all the people into particular gatherings, in the event that you have distinctive showcasing systems for diverse demographics. Setting up gatherings of contacts provides for you the chance to effortlessly convey messages later when you think you can’t access the internet or your hands would be full of something else. Protexting likewise provides for you the capabilities to do content with your new followers.

General Features

Reporting is an aspect in which Protexting exceeds your expectations. The organization offers six individual reporting gimmicks, however it doesn’t stop with the essential reporting data. In correlation to other content informing administrations, Protexting reports are substantial on the information examination apparatuses. Case in point, when we sent a survey out, the report followed the reactions, the statuses of all messages sent and the bearers for all contacts. Notwithstanding this, reports incorporate a reference chart that delineates the spread on voting and a pie graph to show the message conveyance statuses.

General Interface

Protexting has a simple to-utilize interface made up of six menu choices. When you first log in, you will be administered to the record dashboard, which diagrams your aggregate number of contacts, pivotal words being used, remaining credits and some hot catches. It also helps you set-up your marketing campaign, beginning with creating auto-responders and welcome quick messages to convey to new customers and followers. After this, you can set up a code on your site that will gather essential follower data.

User Support

You are liable to run into inquiries as you deal with your promotion campaign. Protexting allows you to give several replies to your users at a time. On the off chance that you call or email them, you can expect speedy reaction times. There are several Faqs on the web about them, or you can contact the organization by means of phone or email. In short, user support is very guaranteed in Protexting. You can likewise go to Protexting’s Youtube page and discover a few techniques on how you can utilize their services efficiently.


It doesn’t let you customize quick messages with contact data like first names. But this is just too minor compared to the many options that you can have with its services.


As a conclusion, Protexting is a valuable asset anyone can use for their email marketing business. It is a service for those who are still starting out in building their email campaign. The fact that you can automate everything and still auto-respond to your clients even if you are offline or busy with something else is great. Sure, it is not as comprehensive yet, but given the initial features that Protexting can grant you, it surely is a service that marketers should absolutely have.