MobiStealth Review

Cell Phone Spy SoftwareWhat is MobiStealth?

When it comes to cell phone monitoring and spy software, MobiStealth belongs to the well-respected line of the best in the business. With its broad range of features, you can do what you need to do in regards to the function of a true high quality cell phone spy software.

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Genesis WordPress Engine: Genius + Art Combined in One SEO Package


Genesis provides state-of-the-art SEO tools that are packed in beautiful child themes.

Genesis provides state-of-the-art SEO tools that are packed in beautiful child themes.

Knowing the fact that the field of internet marketing has become so tight for many competitors these days, it is a common knowledge for everyone, that in order for one to win more audience and market share in the internet, SEOalone nor the aesthetic value of a website is not just enough. Hence, there has been an increase demand on widgets, themes as well as SEO tools for WordPress.


                Hence, this is exactly the reason why many themes right now in WordPress are integrating both aesthetic values plus SEO tools to their themes. These types of themes are commonly called engines as they aren’t just your normal theme. They are also packed with SEO tools that are at par if not better to existing search engine optimization tools in status quo.

By far, Genesis, one of the trailblazers of these kinds of engines, is the most prominent choice among many internet marketers. The reason behind this is that Genesis has recently packed their themes with the latest SEO tools that are crucial in the field of internet marketing. Also, the quality of their themes are also unarguably the best. We would therefore discuss the features of Genesis as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this engine.

Flexibility and Theme Options

                Starting off with the general theme layout, the Genesis was able to make a very good work in creating different general layout that can suit every internet marketers can surely create a layout where the main content is in the center where no widgets can intervene or perhaps a page where it is filled with a lot of widgets. Many themes have this options but it is in Genesis that it is really well prepared and done.

Also, there is a large arsenal of widgets where one can choose from. From simple text holders to email subscription forms and even sidebars. Every widget is beautifully done in order to suit and blend with the specific theme that they made. In totality, the themes really work like magic due to how the widgets highly compliment the theme.

The child themes also can be customized well to the point that every child theme can be tailored in infinitely many ways in order to suit your unique needs. As long as you have a wild imagination, then the Genesis child theme can cater to your needs as a marketer.

Genesis Theme Support

                Firstly, each theme comes with a live preview where you can actually experience the feel of what it feels like to install that very theme that you are rooting for. You can easily click the theme and see how your blog would look like if you install it.

Meanwhile, it also contains a comprehensive tutorial on how to customize the site, how to add the widgets and what 3rd party widgets to use in order to improve the performance and aesthetic value of the site. Overall, you can really customize your site due to the comprehensive tip that they give to you.

They also answer several forum sites that talks about them, hence the support in terms of building the quality is still growing. You can also call them for some quick technical questions. However, right now the site still lacks a public forum dedicated for its themes. Hence, it would probably be great if ever they make a forum that is really dedicated for Genesis.

Genesis SEO Options

Genesis by far contain built-in SEO tools that absolutely make other SEO tools out there obsolete. If you are looking for a one-shot type of installing every SEO tools, then get a Genesis engine. Basically, it contains everything that you need- from setting up Meta descriptions, Meta tags management, comment management, archiving, SEO title and header bar- everything that you need is already there. You can also easily create descriptions for each post and page and can easily integrate a form at every end of your post. It also has a dedicated setting for noydir and noodp and other helpful Meta tags.

Also, it does not envy other SEO tools. Say for example, there are other engines out there that if you install for example an SEO tool, what it does is that it conflicts with the one that you installed and one tries to override the other, hence your SEO system only gets messed up. This is absolutely not present in Genesis. You can easily create a page and if you feel like you would want a specific SEO tool, then after you install a 3rd party tool, it will inform you that that option is already available in Genesis but if you would still continue to install it, then basically, Genesis would give way. Hence no overriding or conflict will occur since obviously, you have an engine that will automatically purge an option in its setting if it feels like you would want another SEO tool to take its place.

Lastly, Genesis has built in coding systems that essentially communicate well with the web crawlers of Google, making it ultimately fast to load and search engine friendly. SEO-wise, Genesis has really nailed their theme engine right from the start.

Code Quality

Code quality is very important when it comes to SEO and even handling a site. Sure, the aesthetic front may be very good, but you see, the problem comes when the back end is very messy- your page will just load. But in Genesis, you will never have to fear with this kind of risk or harm even on the long term basis. Genesis has coded their site is such a way that it comes clean- both back end and front end. We love how each theme works nicely and fast. We can’t really vouch in for all the child theme of Genesis since it would be impossible to test them all, but by far, with the parent theme as well as all of the 16 so far child themes that we have tested, Genesis is superior compared to all other themes.


                You know what, there is no need for you to spend for a web designer or an SEO consultant. Genesis can handle your needs in terms of designing your site so well. Also, it provides a clear view of what SEO is and what you can do with it. The whole system is intuitive and is user friendly. Even if you are innately not a coder or someone who isn’t really well versed at WordPress or SEO, you can still follow through and understand the complexity of the Genesis framework. It is really one of those top-tier online themes that one can find in the market. in general, if you are looking for a theme which you can conveniently use without so much hassle, then Genesis is the best theme to go. It might be a little pricey at start with $99, but that cost will never even be half of the total cost if you hire a lot of people, design your site all by yourself and avail for many 3rd party apps and services which are clearly already given free with the Genesis parent theme. In totality, Genesis really is one of the best, if not the best WordPress theme engine there us available in the market today.

Long Tail Pro

Information is a powerful tool in our day and age that is dominated by technology and innovation. With the constant improvement and development coming with the changes over the years, everything just seems to be moving so fast that you can’t keep up at times. This might include your business and you certainly don’t want that to happen. If your business gets left behind in the struggle of the competition, you might experience the downfall of your dreams.

Internet Marketing Tool

But you don’t need to fret. Once you get the customers for your business, everything will just keep rolling in. However, the problem now lies in attracting customers. How will your business succeed if you’re not even getting the adequate amount of customers to notice your business, let alone procure the services that your offer or the products that you’re selling.

Quite a dilemma, isn’t t?

If you’re asking for a solution, then let’s turn towards marketing. With the proper marketing strategy, a business can gain incredible leverage to the point that profit will come reeling in easily. Sure, advertising through television and radio has been a long utilized marketing strategy since their development.

However, they seem to be going out of date in our day and age. That’s because it’s not only the television or the radio that people are turning to for information. Today, most people turn to their computers, tablets or smartphones and search for information on the Internet. Who can blame them? It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s convenient.

That’s why online marketing is one of the most profitable marketing strategies out there. How can you dominate the online market? Through the use of innovative tools, of course – and Long Tail Pro is one of them.

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In our modern age that is built around innovation and technology, everything just seems to be moving so fast that it’s hard to catch up. At times, you just want to give up. But if you’re playing in the field of business, you know that you just can’t sit around and wait for the blessings to come and rain down on you.

Internet Marketing Tool

If you don’t make your move, either your business will slowly dry out and fail miserably or your competitors will take full advantage of the free market since you’re not around to keep them on their toes.

The lifeblood of any business is the customer. The more customers that a business has, the greater income and profit for the business. And the more profit that a business has, the clearer the path towards success.

Marketing is the steady strategy that a lot of business owners utilize to attract customers. The usual advertising strategies like through television and radio have been well received by the masses but with the domination of the Internet, it seems that marketing through these means seem to be inefficient and costly.

When you want to market your business, you should definitely go for online marketing. However, with the vastness of the web, the experience of exploring the marketing field here may be intimidating for any business owner. You need a tool that can act as your go-to guy that will support you in your online marketing endeavor.

What’s that tool, you ask? Just remember the name “HubSpot”.

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When it comes to marketing, it becomes a daunting task of insurmountable proportions because it deals with talking to and attracting customers. While this may sound unclear to most people, this is required to get more profit and ultimately lead to a business’ success.

Internet Marketing Tool

Without marketing, very little people will know of your business. As such, this will lead to the business dying out because of not enough people procuring of the products that they sell or the services that they offer. And it’s a given that no business owner would want that for their business. If you’re in business, your goal should always be towards success.

There are a number of ways that you can reach out to your potential customers. For example, ads on television or radio are already well-established advertisement systems that have been in use for several years already.

While they may start to be becoming outdated in our modernized age, their use is still prevalent up to date. However, if you really want to get the customers that you want, you have to be creative and innovative in the ways you devise. That is why there’s no need to stick with the basic ways to market your business. It’s time to initiate the change, even in the marketing of your business.

And that’s what ProTexting brings you in their SMS platform with the priority on marketing.

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An Introduction to Genesis Framework  

Genesis Framework

Have you been using WordPress? For how long have you been using it? What is your purpose in using the Website? Heard about Genesis Framework? How many times have you heard it? Maybe once? Maybe twice? Maybe for so many times?

There are already a lot of users who have been giving a lot of positive feedback regarding this framework. If you have not yet used this, you should be ready to see what it can offer. Interested? This article will tell you how Genesis Framework can help you. But before talking about that, let us have first an overview of what the framework is all about.

All about the Genesis Framework

The Genesis is just one of the many frameworks that one may go for. Genesis was said to be rawer compared to other frameworks for it comes with a lot of built-in options that users love. In this framework, you can add any option you need making it flexible to the user’s needs. This framework provides users with secure and search engine optimized foundation for their websites. There are also built-in features which include multiple-layouts, body posts classes for each post being done by the user, numeric navigation and a lot more features that you will surely like.

Purchasing Genesis may be the best move that you can make. You can choose if you would go with the pro-Plus package which guarantees a lifetime membership. Actually, this framework is made by Studiopress which is a part of CopyBlogger which you can be assured of great quality. If you are starting out with WordPress and making it as a market where you can draw buyers and inform them of your business, Genesis is the best one.

Genesis contains theme options that when once installed and a theme is activated, they will be located on the right hand menu in the backend of your WordPress. Also, you can find just under the comments menu item which is above the Appearance menu item. How the framework is constructed makes everything much easier to the user to code and make quick changes. If you are an avid WordPress and does business in the latter, you will be surely amazed as to how clean and simple the codes are used in this theme framework.

Since we have already talked about WordPress, we might ask as to why a lot of people are drawn to this. WordPress provides user with huge communities of different people of different races. Genesis WordPress framework has the capability to thrive a niche within the larger of the WordPress community. With the growing number of users of the Genesis, users as well as developers can tweet or post in a forum right away. It would be like extending a support team when you have the ability to tap a network like this.

The notable resources in a community in Genesis Framework includes Genesis Dev, tutorial, support forums, and #genesiswp on twitter. Genesis Dev is actually the official Genesis WordPress resource site has in itself a growing library of the things that will support the user such as tutorials, reference documents and sites developed by the said framework.

If you are to build with Genesis Framework, it gives you an undeniable incredible head-start in deploying websites. You can create and built layout options with powerful widgets and codes and deploying them in just a short time. Just imagine how much time you can save rather than starting everything from scratch. The Framework has also undergone several upgrades already from the time it had started. As WordPress is evolving, so is Genesis.

You can really be sure that Genesis will never break your site because of its child/parent theme structure is also undergoing upgrades. If you are to compare it with custom coded websites, other developers may easily pick up where a user has left off with Genesis. What does this mean?

It simply shows that if a user were to switch web development companies, Genesis could jump right into the code and an update can be done easily without a long learning curve. That is how efficient Genesis is. One feature of Genesis is the out-of-the-box one. This comes with powerful SEO advanced custom widgets, impressive security, powerful SEO features and a lot more that will surprise you. By stating these, Genesis can move a website to any function that it wants in an easier way as possible.

Now if you will ask me as to how Genesis can be a best marketing tool? It would just be a simple answer, it is a great support. Why do people invest a lot of time and effort in WordPress? It may be because of blogging or it may be because of business.

We can do business almost anywhere in the internet and doing it in WordPress makes the whole lot job easier. But how does Genesis helps you with this? It simply is the answer that will solve your problem. Everything that you need in marketing and in creating traffic, Genesis can answer.

If you want to have a website with an impact, Genesis can give you that. If you are not familiar how to use it, no worries, they have tutorials which are very easy to understand. You can always rely on Genesis on any work that you need to do. Creating your own website is eagerly recommended in a person who owns a business. In a world where every second, millions of people are using the internet, it can be a great source of potential income because of the benefits that you can get out of it.

Of course if you want to have a greater return on your investment, you need to dole out assets by which you can convert to income later. That is also how Genesis works. You need to purchase the product for a specific amount. Anyway, always bear in mind that choosing the best supports can indeed help you reach your success in life.

Tips to Conquer the E-Commerce Market


Focus on Being User-Oriented

It’s quite difficult to convince customers if you’re selling something through online means. That is, the customers don’t get to physically see or feel the product. This makes it hard for you to convince them to bust out their credit cards and buy something that might interest them. But one way that you can go around this is putting an appropriate pricing to the products and promoting a user-friendly experience. This personalized experience for users, like in the delivery process, packaging, add-ons and other similar examples will add to their contentment, promoting the sales and even allowing the customers to recommend your platform to other people.

Take Note of Feedback

Any business knows that the feedback of their customers is crucial in their journey towards the success of the business. May it be their reactions, opinions or word of mouth about the products that you’re selling, it’s important that you need to take note of the things that they say because you can use them to your advantage. It is most often that customers point out the flaws of a certain product – instead of taking this in a negative fashion; look at it in a more positive light. While they may have their criticisms, you now gain the knowledge on what to improve when it comes to your business.

Social Media

Let’s face it. The power of social media has become so intense over the past few years. It’s undeniable that online presence through several social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google+ is a great way to get the name of your business out to the world. It’s a great way to gain momentum for your business, since you’ll be able to know what the people want through their posts, comments and clearly just from word of mouth. But it’s also important to remember that you shouldn’t overuse the power of social media for your business. It should be considered as an afterthought or an add-on for your business. Don’t let it determine what you business is about.

Take it Upon Yourself

A good way to judge whether or not a business platform is good is to use your own opinion. That is, you have to formulate something that you yourself would want to buy or entertain. If you’re not entirely sure on how to go about this, you can ask your friends, family and relatives to try out the service and get their opinion. Getting their reactions will be important and will serve as the foundation on what you need to change and to keep in your business.

Go Mobile

With the digital world nowadays, it’s safe to assume that most people that we encounter each day will possess a mobile device. As such, you can use that particular knowledge in the advancement of your business. E-commerce has become a widened field in business. That is why it’s important for you and your business to try your hand at going mobile. This is because a lot of people use their smartphones to shop for products. And since they’re using their own devices, they have control on what the things they want to buy, how they handle their budget and there is the personalized experience in shopping. If not, you’ll only let your competitors dominate the potential of the mobile market.

Accepting Change

Lastly, you have to accept that in business, change is inevitable. Things won’t just stay constant and keep going as they are. There will come a time when certain factors will change. That includes the customers’ demands, the taxes, the wants of employees and the entire playing field in e-commerce. But that’s why you also need to be on your toes and be flexible.

The Benefits of Having a Website for Arts and Crafts Enthusiasts

Help My Small Business Website

Each one of us has a creative side. Bringing our ingenuity to life brings out the best in us – our potentials plus the opportunities they entail. Making arts and crafts for children or grownups goes beyond self-expression. It can be a business venture. Rather than buy gifts at malls, people prefer unique and affordable presents. Homemade giveaways are a growing trend today. They are less expensive and you could tailor fit your gift according to your choice. Moreover, with online tutorials or short courses, anyone could become a creator of beautiful masterpieces.

We can think of numerous arts and crafts we could create. From paintings and sculpture to small objects, the list seemed endless. Many materials we use are easy to find. They are available in art supply stores or the malls. Some popular items include greeting cards, miniature toys, scrapbooks, beads, paper based art like origami or dolls, and jewelries. In your spare time, why not try your luck in building assorted artworks? Whether your goal is personal satisfaction or business, success is never far behind if you persevere. Simply love what you do.

Showing your wares for aesthetic or business reasons is a must. If you’re the only one who sees your creation, you are hardly satisfied. Now you wonder how and where you will advertise your masterpieces. In a traditional sense, we exhibit at malls or galleries. We tell friends about our hobby. Marketing poses a problem when it comes to the medium of publicity. Today, the internet might just be a solution that artists seek. Millions now gain access to the World Wide Web. How then, could we benefit from the wonders which digital technology brings? The answer lies in setting up a website.

Having a site for your arts and crafts helps in several ways. First, you have a venue where you display as many works as you wish. Once you post online, you open the door towards a multitude of visitors who might just love your stuff.

You do not need to rent a space at malls or join exhibition in galleries which often cost a lot. Promote your goods through social networking stations. Register your website on search engines. Many click a category when they look for things they need. You should think of an attention grabbing name so people can spot your page right away.

Get involved with those who drop by your site. Put up a chat page where you answer queries or any explanation the curious visitor wants. A personal style of imparting your works endears people to your style. When someone likes your piece, he considers your creation a part of his life. Furthermore, interaction improves your quality.

Aside from questions, some could offer suggestions or criticisms. Also, getting people involved in discussions means that patrons would certainly see your posts when they go online. In addition, you know what your clients’ specific needs are.

Having a website for upcoming artists will indeed boost their careers and provide them an income if they decide to start a business selling personalized arts and crafts. Thus, a website is a necessary tool when you decide to establish a significant presence.

E-commerce Marketing Tips  

E-commerce offers numerous opportunities for business, especially retailers who are starting to set up shop. Faster means of communication and data gathering gives them a huge lift in terms of exposure and sales. Since options vary, where and how to market your merchandise are a bit complex. When used properly, digital technology can help your business thrive. The first step lies in getting to know your business.


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E-Commerce and The Social Media Influence

E-commerce boosted enterprises worldwide. Lightning speed transactions plus super-fast access to countless information encouraged growth. With competition spurting left and right, carving a niche posed challenges. Therefore, entrepreneurs should consider adopting innovative options to ensure business viability.


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