Online Teacher/Tutor

Work from Home JobsEverybody wants to travel to new places, explore new cultures, experience new horizons. With traveling comes constant communication and communication is effective if two parties understand each other. One of the barriers to effective communication is language.

In the world of business, teaching, online working and telecommunications, English is always the medium of instruction. Wherever you go, as long as you speak the language, you’ll be able to feel at home and enjoy your experience. Everybody wants to be the best at this in all its aspects. From spelling to grammar, we all want to be very fluent.

There are a lot of people that are very willing if not, desperate to learn the English language. And they want to achieve that by any means necessary. If you can afford to, you can study English abroad. But since only a few can do travel, some inquire online tutors not just for convenience, but to save money as well. You search for people willing to teach you, and pay them for their services.

Being an online tutor means you need to act like a teacher. You don’t need to be a teacher to work at this job, but having a teaching background is an advantage. You need to have patience while working with other people. It will always be hard at first since your tutee is still new at learning English. Eventually your student will be second nature in English and working with him will be like child’s play.

As you commit to work on this job, you need to focus on your ultimate goal which is to make your tutee excel in English. They need to be fluent and fluid in speaking the language after a certain period of time. Actually the lessons are very basic and we have learned them in school since we were kids. It covers basic topics like how to read in English, how to have correct grammar, how to engage in a good conversation and how to pronounce words properly.

With regards to the number of hours that are entitled to you, it depends on the terms and conditions you and your tutee agreed upon. You make work long hours with different clients. The time length of a typical English lesson is about 3 to 6 hours depending on the tutee’s schedule or availability.

With every job is a salary. You always get paid for doing your job and the compensation for being an online tutor is very sufficient. You get to be paid every hour which means there is a guarantee that your tutee will pay you. But there are instances wherein you can agree to pay beforehand or after the lesson. However, the guarantee of you being paid may be uncertain since there are some people who ask for help and when they get what they want, they basically vanish in thin air no matter how you contact them.

Online tutoring is fun. You get to meet different people and both learn from each other. You can help a person learn new things as well.