MobiStealth Review

Cell Phone Spy SoftwareWhat is MobiStealth?

When it comes to cell phone monitoring and spy software, MobiStealth belongs to the well-respected line of the best in the business. With its broad range of features, you can do what you need to do in regards to the function of a true high quality cell phone spy software.

MobiStealth comes in several versions that you can choose from – the Basic MobiStealth version, the MobiStealth Lite, the MobiStealth Pro and the MobiStealth Pro-X have their own unique functions. The Basic version remains as the stepping stone and contains the simplest form of the MobiStealth while the Pro-X version contains additional features like recording calls. But there’s one thing that you can be sure of – MobiStealth performs outstandingly no matter what version you use.

Every version of the MobiStealth is capable of the basic mobile tracking application which includes tracking calls, obtaining details and even recording them, as well as monitoring of text messages. You also get access to the websites and URLs visited by the user of the target phone, even including sites that contain videos which make the MobiStealth unique since not every cell phone monitoring and spy software is capable of video logging.

One of the greatest features that MobiStealth has is that it also allows you to monitor incoming or outgoing pictures and you can even access the contact list of the target phone. Therefore, you get the big picture on how the communication is going when it comes to the owner of the phone or if anyone attempts to send inappropriate pictures to the phone, for example.

You can even record the surroundings of the phone even when it isn’t used directly, making it quite a catch when it comes to pinpointing locations. The MobiStealth also informs you if the SIM is changed if someone decides to replace or remove the SIM – particularly useful for phone snatchers who frequently discard the SIM after stealing it.

One of the neatest features that the MobiStealth also has is that it allows you to wipe all the data on your phone remotely in case of loss or theft, protecting your privacy in case you’re keeping valuable personal data on your phone like bank account numbers, pin codes and the like. It’s easy to install and the monitoring can be done through the use of any computer that has access to the Internet.

The last thing is that the MobiStealth, as per its name, maintains a discreet feature that it doesn’t show any trace or sign being installed on the target’s smartphone, making it the perfect undercover cell phone monitoring and tracking software product.

The GPS location tracking feature of MobiStealth is also topnotch. It allows you to trace the location of the target phone with convenience which includes telling you the real time location of the phone as well as the recording of the history so it’s quite easy to track where the phone moves around during the day.

At $13.99 for 3 months for the Basic version for Android phones and a Pro version of the iPhone at $79.99 for 3 months, you can bet that the MobiStealth is definitely worth your money when it comes to cell phone tracking and monitoring software applications. It’s not only about privacy and keeping things in check; it’s also about maintaining the safety of your loved ones as well.

When it comes to phone tracking software, choose only the best because you only deserve the best. That’s why you should choose MobiStealth and get the high quality software that you need.

The MobiStealth is compatible with most smartphones like the Android, jailbroken iPhones, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile.