LongTailPro: Your Guide To Sniping Keywords

LongTailPro: How Crucial Is It in Keyword Marketing?LongTailPro: How Crucial Is It in Keyword Marketing?Every good-ol’-sniper needs a person to scope his enemies. Every CEO needs a personal analyst to advise him of every economic undertaking he will be making in the future. Every leader has a right hand who would sometimes do everything in his effort just for the very goals of that leader. The same thing is true for marketers- no marketer is an island especially if you are planning to invest in content marketing- that is article writer.

We All Know The Drills

                We already know the drill right? Content drives search engines to rank us higher while it also will convince our readers to convert. However, the most important aspect perhaps of article writer is the keyword research that is associated with it. You may write a thousand articles but if none of this articles contain keywords that are searched by your supposedly target readers or that a lot of websites are also writing about that keyword- then perhaps your efforts would just end up in futility later on.

The Crucial Aspect Of Keyword Research

That is why The Institute For Internet Marketers (IFIM) recently claimed that perhaps keyword research constitutes 76% of the success rate of a content marketer. It is so crucial that if you mess up on this stage, you might not be able to have any avenues by which you can step up again. Hence, many suggests that it is very important to have a reliable keyword research tool.

LongTailPro: Not Just A Tool

                This is where LonTailPro enters the picture. It isn’t only an average tool. Why? Well, if it is a tool that you need, then you have Google Analytics. But the problem with common and average tools nowadays is that they never help you analyze the data. All you have there is a general form of data by which you might not be able to make full use of. LongTailPro is different. It offers a variety of advice programs that will analyze the data for you and suggest different actions by which you can take at the end of the day.

Looking At Its Features

Firstly, LongTailPro does what it needs to do- keyword research. It sifts through its robust database about high PR websites as well as the keywords that they use. It then correlates this with the search pattern of the users. So in the end, it will be returning to you a list of possible keywords from the niche that you input as well as how many clicks were attributed to that keyword and the competition density in terms of how many high PR sites use them.

It then tries to analyze these data and then it will suggest you a set of keywords to use. It will even combine the set of keywords to reveal a “hidden keyword” that are used by people to search, yet are highly untapped by several sites.

You can also save you past researches so that you don’t need to take a screen shot of them or save them elsewhere- everything else is in this app.


We do not endorse a product that much, but for LongTailPro, we have found out that for a relatively cheaper price, one can already have that personal adviser who can lead you towards success. Keyword research will most likely determine the fate of your online marketing career- hence we highly recommend LongTailPro in your arsenal. If you are still a beginner, then you need not worry since this app would surely guide you through everything that you need at the end of the day. Be sure to visit their site and quickly have a try to experience how best they can serve you.