Live Chat

Customers are an important asset of a business. Their participation in a business will make it flourish and functioning for a very long time.

In order for your customers to stay, it is important that you provide them with the best services and be in touch with them whenever they need support. So how do you do that? By having a customer support tool that will cater to their needs and show how much you value them.

If this is what you want then you might consider purchasing LiveHelpNow and provide your customers the support that they need. LiveHelpNow is an online tool that is ideal for both small and big businesses which will help them make online sales and improve their overall customer service. This software features Email-Ticket Management, Live Chat System, Knowledge Base and Call Management.

Brief Review about the Software

General:LiveHelpNow understands that every business has a specific need which is why it provides customization for their product. The software allows templates, open code and chat windows to be personalized however the operator wants it so that the services will be more efficient. It also features visitor triggers with the help of an open API so that your business will be able to reward customers who are frequently visiting and purchasing from your website. The live chat service also has one of the best integrations of its kind and the mobile app is definitely very convenient to use.

Interface: The interface of LiveHelpNow only has 3 different tabs which make the training of new operators relatively easy. The chat tab allows the operators to obtain information of their clients just by a simple click. During a chat, support tickets can also be opened to help the processing of time-to-close accounts much faster.

Live Chat: Apart from the desktop interface, chat tickets are easily organized with the help of LiveHelpNow’s mobile app or through the use of email. There are topics also available for customers to easily help them about FAQs and provide them with customizable answers. This feature surely is the best support for customers especially when they have a handful of inquiries about the business which needs to be responded to immediately.

Price: The price is very affordable for every business since it costs only $21 per month or $18.80 if you want it annually with only one operator. If you want to add another operator then the average cost for each will be $21 per month. But for those who want to utilize their customer support by having knowledge base, email management and call management then they can purchase the product for $50.40 per month.

Conclusion: Even though LiveHelpNow is a bit expensive when it comes to price, it is still the best one that you can have for your business. Just make sure to consider and think about the features that you need so that you won’t have to pay that much for it. With this at your website, your customers will surely appreciate the support that you’re providing them and you will have higher conversion rates in the process.