From Jobless to a Transcriptionist

The society today offers lots of options for us to find a job and earn money. Job offerings are everywhere. Job seekers are busy every day. Prominent companies, local business, small establishments and private offices are in need of manpower. These are the realities today when we talked about employment.

Job hunting is a struggle at times. You need to spend money for your trips, print several copies of your resume, undergo a series of interviews and even dress up as required. These are things that some of us are not enjoying of. That’s why our last option at times is to just stay at home – jobless!

But who wants to stay jobless forever? No one! Thanks to the modern technology for giving us the opportunity to find jobs even we are just lying on our couch or killing our time in front of our computer at home.

So if you are currently looking for a job but are not comfortable staying away from home, you can definitely be a working home buddy. Yes, that’s correct! Working at home is now one of the most interesting endeavors in our society. Are you jobless now? Are you interested to earn money while at home? Let us check your options because everything is just a click away.

Using your high-speed internet coupled with your excellent skills and expertise, you can work at home. Tell you what, earning money while overseeing your family activities is so much rewarding.

For stay home moms, dads or single adults let me share to you some interesting jobs that you may want to try while you are at home.

Work from Home

Online Survey Job

You may want to try an online survey job. This is just very simple. Lots of companies appreciate feedback from their customers and possible consumers. Your task is to send surveys to customers regarding their products or services through email. These surveys include set of questions for customers. The goal of these companies is to focus on customer satisfaction, product innovation, competition knowledge etc.

Lots of online sites could offer you this job. Given that you passed the qualifications and requirements, you can earn reasonable income for this job. You wouldn’t worry about your salary because payment options will be discussed within your convenience.

English Tutor

Are you a language genius or an English communication master? Language tutorials would be best for you. As we all know, English is the universal language and majority of the population in the world aim to be the best at this. Lots of non-native English speakers seek help to improve their communication skills. That’s why they are willing to hire and spend money for an online tutor.

Since you’re at home, you can just browse on different tutorials sites. There are tons of them! Your goal is to find a client through posting your own advertisement or joining an online home based tutorial sites or companies that cater vast of clients. Basic English are the topics: grammar, pronunciation, reading, conversation and the likes.

Individuals with teaching backgrounds, professional experience or educational units are the best candidates for this job. Your goal is to make sure that your tutee will excel on English communication. Salary is very reasonable too. You may be paid per hour or depending on your contract.


Be an excellent advertiser! Why don’t you try an online ad posting job? Pretty simple! Your task is to promote a website. Market its product or services.

Many companies are looking for people to market their goods. With your sound knowledge on sales and good written communication skill, you can surely survive this job.

Online job offerings related to ad posting are numerous. Clients do normally offer it per project. Assigned ad quotas are expected in some cases. Earning money for this job easy since salary is competitive too.

Data Entry Specialist

For people with excellent typing skill and love to keep and organize things like data, this one is good for you. Be an expert in a data entry job.

Various companies do need assistance in tracking and keeping millions of business records and data. That is why they need to hire people for this. Your client just wanted you to input data in a presentable and organized manner. Sounds pretty simple, right? Using the style and format that they want, you just need to follow them and you are done. Your client will provide you appropriate tools for this job.

Once you typed in data entry jobs on your search engine, hundreds of offerings will be available for this job. No hassle! Salary is based on the contract that you had with your client. At times, this might be offered per project too. I am pretty sure that you will be paid well with this job.

Medical Transcriptionist

This is surely not your last option. Health and medicine are always associated to “life” in general – could be considered as basic needs.

With this idea, people with backgrounds in health management, medicine, nursing and the likes are offered various online jobs. Calling the attention of those who have medical knowledge! Use your expertise and be a professional medical transcriptionist.

On top of your medical knowledge, excellent typing, listening and writing skills are considered necessary. Your client highly prefers individuals with associate degree, experience and certification.

Your job is to work with patients’ medical records by transcribing the uttered notes regarding the patient. Your full attention from the physician or medical practitioner is highly suggested. Computer, headset and transcription software are needed.

Medical transcriptionists are highly in demand today. I will particularly recommend this to everyone. This is one of the top choices and frequently offered jobs online. Earning money is quick and salary offering is outstanding.

Worried because you do not have a degree, experience or not certified to qualify for this job? I have a solution to that. Short term certification courses are available on some medical schools and even online. All you got to do is to inquire. You do not need to spend years just to be a certified medical transcriptionist.

Have you made a choice for yourself with the options that I stated above? Which among them suits your skill and expertise best? Don’t waste your time! Get your computer busy!

Ask me whether what is the most enticing option for me? I will pick the fifth option. Save the best for last – be a medical transcriptionist!