An Introduction to Genesis Framework  

Genesis Framework

Have you been using WordPress? For how long have you been using it? What is your purpose in using the Website? Heard about Genesis Framework? How many times have you heard it? Maybe once? Maybe twice? Maybe for so many times?

There are already a lot of users who have been giving a lot of positive feedback regarding this framework. If you have not yet used this, you should be ready to see what it can offer. Interested? This article will tell you how Genesis Framework can help you. But before talking about that, let us have first an overview of what the framework is all about.

All about the Genesis Framework

The Genesis is just one of the many frameworks that one may go for. Genesis was said to be rawer compared to other frameworks for it comes with a lot of built-in options that users love. In this framework, you can add any option you need making it flexible to the user’s needs. This framework provides users with secure and search engine optimized foundation for their websites. There are also built-in features which include multiple-layouts, body posts classes for each post being done by the user, numeric navigation and a lot more features that you will surely like.

Purchasing Genesis may be the best move that you can make. You can choose if you would go with the pro-Plus package which guarantees a lifetime membership. Actually, this framework is made by Studiopress which is a part of CopyBlogger which you can be assured of great quality. If you are starting out with WordPress and making it as a market where you can draw buyers and inform them of your business, Genesis is the best one.

Genesis contains theme options that when once installed and a theme is activated, they will be located on the right hand menu in the backend of your WordPress. Also, you can find just under the comments menu item which is above the Appearance menu item. How the framework is constructed makes everything much easier to the user to code and make quick changes. If you are an avid WordPress and does business in the latter, you will be surely amazed as to how clean and simple the codes are used in this theme framework.

Since we have already talked about WordPress, we might ask as to why a lot of people are drawn to this. WordPress provides user with huge communities of different people of different races. Genesis WordPress framework has the capability to thrive a niche within the larger of the WordPress community. With the growing number of users of the Genesis, users as well as developers can tweet or post in a forum right away. It would be like extending a support team when you have the ability to tap a network like this.

The notable resources in a community in Genesis Framework includes Genesis Dev, tutorial, support forums, and #genesiswp on twitter. Genesis Dev is actually the official Genesis WordPress resource site has in itself a growing library of the things that will support the user such as tutorials, reference documents and sites developed by the said framework.

If you are to build with Genesis Framework, it gives you an undeniable incredible head-start in deploying websites. You can create and built layout options with powerful widgets and codes and deploying them in just a short time. Just imagine how much time you can save rather than starting everything from scratch. The Framework has also undergone several upgrades already from the time it had started. As WordPress is evolving, so is Genesis.

You can really be sure that Genesis will never break your site because of its child/parent theme structure is also undergoing upgrades. If you are to compare it with custom coded websites, other developers may easily pick up where a user has left off with Genesis. What does this mean?

It simply shows that if a user were to switch web development companies, Genesis could jump right into the code and an update can be done easily without a long learning curve. That is how efficient Genesis is. One feature of Genesis is the out-of-the-box one. This comes with powerful SEO advanced custom widgets, impressive security, powerful SEO features and a lot more that will surprise you. By stating these, Genesis can move a website to any function that it wants in an easier way as possible.

Now if you will ask me as to how Genesis can be a best marketing tool? It would just be a simple answer, it is a great support. Why do people invest a lot of time and effort in WordPress? It may be because of blogging or it may be because of business.

We can do business almost anywhere in the internet and doing it in WordPress makes the whole lot job easier. But how does Genesis helps you with this? It simply is the answer that will solve your problem. Everything that you need in marketing and in creating traffic, Genesis can answer.

If you want to have a website with an impact, Genesis can give you that. If you are not familiar how to use it, no worries, they have tutorials which are very easy to understand. You can always rely on Genesis on any work that you need to do. Creating your own website is eagerly recommended in a person who owns a business. In a world where every second, millions of people are using the internet, it can be a great source of potential income because of the benefits that you can get out of it.

Of course if you want to have a greater return on your investment, you need to dole out assets by which you can convert to income later. That is also how Genesis works. You need to purchase the product for a specific amount. Anyway, always bear in mind that choosing the best supports can indeed help you reach your success in life.