Freelance Writer

The Internet is a giant web of information that’s being used by billions worldwide. It has now surpassed the telephone, television and the newspaper. Way back, we obtain our information through regulated mass media programs such as those mentioned. Somehow they have done a great job informing, educating and entertaining the audience. But in the age of the information superhighway, people need more and fast ways of spreading the word about anything.

Work from Home Jobs

People use blogs or websites to promote certain products or spread the word about their business and most of them can’t do it alone due to the workload. Clients need to delegate responsibilities to different people. And that’s where freelance article writers are sought.

Article writing is basically writing content for different websites and blogs. The type of article that you write depends on the topic assigned to you by clients. There are different types of articles. Some are narrative in form, while others are informative or entertaining and it can also be both. Clients also require you to write articles with a specific word count. This is used to balance and regulate traffic to their website. And sometimes clients will make you articles that you’re not an expert in.

Researching is very important in the process of article writing. It will serve as a basis for the creation of your article. It is very essential to have credible references also to have a solid and reliable content. Without sources or basis to back your content, your content would be doubtful and your article will be considered erroneous.

Originality is the most important element in creating not just a good, but a great article. You need to use your creative skills and paraphrasing techniques to make such content. Clients use programs that determine the authenticity of your output. One such example is the CopyScape software.

The salary of a freelance article writer depends on the terms and conditions of your contract. It also depends on the agreement with your client. He has the option to pay you per article, which is a guarantee. Also you can be paid per hour depending on the rate you dealt with your client. This is also a guarantee that you will be paid. But you need to be extra careful when setting payment deals. If you deal with a fixed-price contract, there is a possibility that you won’t get paid since you need to finish the whole output first. When the pay day comes, some clients disappear into thin air. You wouldn’t want that.

If you want to let your literary abilities to be enhanced, then this job is for you. This is where you can grow into a very productive person. If you love reading books, or anything that has to do with words, then this is where you need to be. Look at the bright side. You get to do what you love, you get to be busy and you get paid for doing so. If this is your idea of “play time”, then what are you waiting for?