E-Commerce and The Social Media Influence

E-commerce boosted enterprises worldwide. Lightning speed transactions plus super-fast access to countless information encouraged growth. With competition spurting left and right, carving a niche posed challenges. Therefore, entrepreneurs should consider adopting innovative options to ensure business viability.


A sure way of creating an impact in 21st century trade is joining the social networking craze. Billions of netizens spend plenty of time reaping the benefits that these sites bring. They connect with friends or relatives, chat and post photos. Many use social media to promote an agenda. Business people should take a look at social media as an effective means in ensuring prosperity. Many statistics show that one third of computer users have opened an account in social media networks.

Opening an account in social media costs zero. You can join in other stations too. It maximized awareness of a product and hopefully, appreciation. Your goal is connect your store to capture as many customers as possible. Once you have their attention, you could focus on how to maintain a strong interactive relationship.

A distinct advantage of social media lies on the exchange of ideas between two parties. In friendship, constant communication leads towards intimate ties. Bonding with customers endears them to your goods and your store in general. The drift is simple: Get to know your clients. Think of them as emotional beings rather than statistics that indicate how much profit you gained. If patrons know you care, loyal shoppers will patronize your merchandise indefinitely.

In your station, use feedback mechanism where visitors receive replies as soon as possible. The key is to employ a small staff who will answer queries and converse with clients. A few minutes of chat rather than one sentence replies equals excellent customer service. Giving substantial time to entertain them strengthens consumer loyalty.

Marketing Tools

Online marketing tools make shopping more convenient for buyers and store owners. They emphasize easy to understand methods of purchasing goods via the internet. The most common shopping devices are shopping cart, discount coupon, online payment, shipping and warranty management software.

Shopping Carts

It’s a pushcart allowing you to click an item then choose the type, price, size and other data. Once you’re through, you tick a box which says “save to box”. Afterwards, you can select more items. If you’re done, you fill up a form to complete the transaction.

Discount Coupons

Bargains indeed attract a multitude of loyal patrons. Ensure shopper satisfaction by introducing markdowns. Automated promotions send discount coupons for repeat purchases through e-mail.

Online Payment

Via online payment, you pay using a credit card. There are several modes of payment for your convenience. You can also view credit history and other important data.


This software manages shipping requirements from air or sea freight costs and expected date of delivery to insurance. It features a tracking device that enables a buyer to check the status of shipment.


Warranty management system manages and resolves the return of defective merchandise. It also ensures the faster submission and processing of claims.

Marketing tools guarantees that transactions remain efficient and user friendly. They simplify the process for businesses and clients.

Plugins for WordPress

WordPress, an engine which powers over 100 million blogs and websites, presents plugins that boosts the sites’ functions. For example, the All in One SEO Pack improves and upgrades your blog or website. Google Analytics lets you track your blog conveniently. The Visual Website Editor makes editing, deleting or adding content less complicated. BuddyPress is specially designed for social networking operations. WordPress offer over 30 plugins to upgrade the functions of websites and blogs. It assures users of consistent top of the line performance.