Comm100 Live Chat

Live Chat

Comm100 Live Chat is online chat software which is based on the SaaS or Software as a Service model. This allows businesses to communicate with visitors from their websites in real-time thus enabling them to have better sales and provide quality service to their customers.

Brief History

Comm100 Live Chat was first released on August 5, 2009. On October of 2011, it got featured on TechRepublic as one of the Apps of the Month. By October 2012, it eventually hit the 200,000 mark of registered users. And in January 2013, it gained recognition when it was ranked on the top 3 of “2013 Best Enterprise Chat Software” category for the Top Ten Reviews.


Comm100 Live Chat is made up of 3 parts which are the control panel, web chat window and operator console. The web-based version of the software works perfectly on widely used browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and many more. It is also compatible to work on major operating systems such as Linux, Windows and Mac. For your mobile device, it works perfectly on iOS, Blackberry, and Android.

Key Features:

  • Website Traffic Monitoring – The operator has access to important information like the website visitors’ navigation history, referrer, GEO info and many more.
  • Online Chat – The website’s visitors can have a real-time online chat with the operator.
  • Reports & Analytics – Several performance reports are provided to users so that areas needed for improvement can be easily identified.
  • Auto Chat Invitation Rules – Chat invitations can be automatically sent to visitors based on whatever rules have been pre-defined.

The Pros and Cons

Every business, or software for this instance, wouldn’t be complete without reviews especially pros and cons. This will help customers and business owners to be sure of the services that they’ll be experiencing and if it indeed can be a great investment for the company. As for Comm100 Live Chat, here are the pros and cons that users have experienced so far:


  • The livechat icon on the website can be easily identified by customers. This will surely be a great help whenever instant support from the company is needed by the customer.
  • The conversion rate of many websites has greatly increased. Those who use email before instead of chat for their support are now experiencing great conversion rates thus providing a good outlook for their business.


  • Some customers or operators often feel the need that the software would need a quick screenshot feature. This will surely be helpful in several cases during a chat session.

In conclusion, a lot of business owners and customers are greatly impressed by Comm100 Live Chat’s ability to enhance the customer support. The software allows total control for the customization and operators can benefit with the wide array of tools that they can use to answer questions and provide the support that their customers need. Despite missing a few features like the real-time language translation, Comm100 Live Chat still allows a highly personalized support service to be built just by using their help desk software.