Cell Phone Spy Software Review

Cell Phone Spy Software

Cell phones are indispensable in our lives. We depend so much on the palm-sized gadget for a variety of usage. We make calls, send text messages and surf the internet. The World Wide Web revolutionized the mobile phone industry. These days, cell phones act us a computer. People conduct business deals, research, check e-mails, post data on social media or blogs, book tickets and do several online tasks on their mobile phones.

The importance of cell phones underscored several concerns. Along with technological advancement come several issues. Its widespread use in a person’s daily life entails apprehensions. The internet’s influence could be a bane if questionable websites are visited or people fall victims to scams or personal threats.

The Need for Cell Phone Spy Software

With growing uneasiness and safety issues, there’s a need to oversee cell phone usage, especially communication links. Online crimes such as fraud or scams, cybersex, plus numerous hazards creep into cell phones as most units are hooked in the internet.  Thus, the growing threats to mobile devices paved the way for a means to monitor cell phones.

Cell phone spy software keeps a close watch on conversations as well as activities the person does online. For example, you can view what websites he visited or you can inspect his online transactions. It lets you eavesdrop on someone else’s calls, text messages and e-mails. Growing incidents of immoral acts, fraud, stalking and an assortment of illegal acts made spy software an important agent in thwarting threats.

Parents are anxious over how children use their mobile phones. Bosses worry about employees who might be engaged in fraud or not telling the truth about their location. Calls unrelated to official business must also be avoided. Cell phone spy software answers their concerns.

There are many spy software available on the market. The top rated ones include Mobile Spy, StealthGenie and MobiStealth.

Mobile Spy
Mobile Spy enables you to view various data (calls, texts, e-mails, time, dates sent and received) including the contents. The GPS system tracks the phone you are monitoring in real time.

Mobile Spy possesses a capability to inspect all accounts the person visited. It monitors what he uploads such as photos, videos and written posts. The software allows you to see what applications are installed. If you sense something fishy, you have the option to block a program’s installation. Which means you could choose what applications to put up. This is an advantage, especially for parents who are worried about their kid’s mobile phone activities.

Significant features are included too. A stealth camera lets you take photos from the phone’s video cam. Audio clips within the phone’s vicinity could be recorded. The GPS system tracks the owner in real time. In addition, you can also view the monitored unit’s screen.

StealthGenie keeps a careful watch on every activity of iPhones, Androids and Blackberry models. You can easily install it. Among the software’s major features are tracking the user’s location in real time, access to SMS and e-mails (sent and received) as well as videos and photos that were uploaded. You could inspect web browser history too.

StealthGenie assets are its ability to intercept conversations then record them. You can tie up with chat applications such as iMessage, Skype and Viber. The program also allows you to monitor conversations done via instant messenger sites.

MobiStealth benefits consist of its ability to remain concealed while having complete access to the phone’s activities. It contains the main functions that standard spy software have like tracking phone calls, monitoring websites, GPS system and modifications in contact files.  MobiStealth warns you in case the monitored unit’s owner changes his SIM card. iPhones, Blackberry and Android smart phones are compatible with this program.

Through cell phone spy software, parents have no problem checking on their children’s actions in their mobile devices. Companies, too, can closely observe their employees for any signs of doubtful acts or wrongdoings.