Effective and Innovative Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies

A common question that’s often asked by people in business is, “How can I attract more customers?” It becomes a predicament when you want people to notice the product or the service that you’re providing but it seems like you can’t reach out to people or you just can’t establish a strong connection with them. Getting customers is probably one of the most difficult, it not the most difficult aspect for a business, especially when it’s in its infancy stage or the phase where it’s just starting to enter the market.


But this leads us to another question, why are there products that can get people to notice them quickly and at a significant number? Why are there other products that tend to be overlooked even though they are really well-known by a lot of people? Why are some products treated as if they don’t even exist? The answer lies in two words – marketing strategy.


What is Marketing Strategy?

As defined by the Business Dictionary, marketing strategy is an organization or company’s strategy, approach or method which uses all their marketing goals and combines them into a conceptual plan that aims to bring them to success. A “good” marketing strategy is equipped with a strong foundation based on thorough market research and focusing on delivering the right product to the right customers in an effort to achieve the optimum amount of profit and keep sustaining the business. In a way, marketing strategy serves as the lifeblood of a business that provides a kick start and keeps the business alive. Without an effective marketing strategy, a business is left stagnant and kept trailing against its competition in the market.


Examples of Good Marketing Strategies

Getting the grasp of marketing strategy is better when you’re presented with examples. There are a lot of famous businesses that are kept in high regard in the market just because of their incredibly ingenious and innovative marketing strategies. These strategies just don’t rely on being well researched or well thought out. There are a lot of aspects being combined in their strategy that just makes them amazing.


Here are some of the most innovative marketing strategies made by several businesses:


Social Networking
When we hear of the words “social networking”, our minds suddenly pan to familiar names like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. That’s because whether you accept it or not, social networking sites have become a sort of a spearhead when it comes to advertising. That’s why it’s also a form of a marketing strategy once you get your product or service introduced by these sites. However, the Internet is a very cruel place. In that regard, you just can’t put your content there and expect positive feedback. Sometimes, there isn’t even any feedback at all. But what makes other businesses go boom on social networks? The answer lies in ingenuity and the viral factor.


A good example of this is what Lowes did with their innovative use of Vine. Vine is a video-sharing app owned by Twitter that enables users to record six-second videos and the video can be enabled to loop continuously, creating a file known as a gif. What Lowes did in their Vine campaign is show their services in just a span of six seconds with a hashtag of #lowesfixinsix on these Vine videos. These quickly gained popularity with their users and delivered the message on what their business is about.


Connecting with People
Who isn’t familiar with the name Coca-Cola? Clearly, everyone from little kids up to the elderly is familiar with Coke. But after so many years in business, what makes Coca-Cola so popular among people? That’s because of their unique marketing strategy that manages to connect with people. It’s a difficult thing to do in business but Coca-Cola makes it possible.


There are just countless ways that Coca-Cola has connected with their customers that it even escalates to an emotional level that pulls people. Their “Happiness Truck” is just one good example. Distributing free Coke throughout different cities and towns with a big red truck that just comes unexpectedly carrying the company’s name, who won’t remember that? How about the Coca-Cola vending machine that dispenses things like roses, pizza, a huge subway sandwich or toys with a press of a button? Recently, Coke has even created a vending machine that enabled people from India and Pakistan to communicate. Coca-Cola’s antics just never end and it never stops attracting customers.


Being creative is an important part in marketing strategy. In fact, you’ll hear about being creative in almost every class about marketing strategy – easier said than done. However, this one was pulled off by Orphea 4D, a bug spray, by only a simple billboard advertisement. What made it unique? Well, the billboard had glue in the shape of an aerosol spray which eventually trapped live insects. It got people curious and then shocked when they later realized that the insects were real. Never be afraid to try something new.


TV Shows and Movies
What do TV shows and movies have got to do with business? They make money on the big screen – it’s a form of business. How do they make money? They get their income when people watch these TV shows or movies. How do they attract so many customers? Is it the actors? Is it the plot of the TV show or movie? Is it the critically acclaimed reviews that a particular movie or TV show gets? Those are a lot of questions but it all boils down to one thing – marketing strategy.


One of the most creative ones belongs to the Game of Thrones. Sure, it’s a really great TV series. But their campaign for the 3rd season really set the bar. Why? That’s because they pulled it off by getting people’s attention without giving too much away. How? A shadow of a dragon first put on posters then on the New York Times and then on HBO’s building.


Being Remembered
Irking the curiosity of people is an important part of a marketing strategy. But making a point of being memorable is even more important. This was pulled off by a beer company, Senador Volstead Beer, by masking their website as a shop selling teddy bears. And when visitors are about to leave, they’re presented with a series of witty pop-ups that eventually lead to the real site.


Got any ideas from the marketing strategies above? Don’t limit yourself there. Go ahead and make your own!

An Introduction to Genesis Framework  

Genesis Framework

Have you been using WordPress? For how long have you been using it? What is your purpose in using the Website? Heard about Genesis Framework? How many times have you heard it? Maybe once? Maybe twice? Maybe for so many times?

There are already a lot of users who have been giving a lot of positive feedback regarding this framework. If you have not yet used this, you should be ready to see what it can offer. Interested? This article will tell you how Genesis Framework can help you. But before talking about that, let us have first an overview of what the framework is all about.

All about the Genesis Framework

The Genesis is just one of the many frameworks that one may go for. Genesis was said to be rawer compared to other frameworks for it comes with a lot of built-in options that users love. In this framework, you can add any option you need making it flexible to the user’s needs. This framework provides users with secure and search engine optimized foundation for their websites. There are also built-in features which include multiple-layouts, body posts classes for each post being done by the user, numeric navigation and a lot more features that you will surely like.

Purchasing Genesis may be the best move that you can make. You can choose if you would go with the pro-Plus package which guarantees a lifetime membership. Actually, this framework is made by Studiopress which is a part of CopyBlogger which you can be assured of great quality. If you are starting out with WordPress and making it as a market where you can draw buyers and inform them of your business, Genesis is the best one.

Genesis contains theme options that when once installed and a theme is activated, they will be located on the right hand menu in the backend of your WordPress. Also, you can find just under the comments menu item which is above the Appearance menu item. How the framework is constructed makes everything much easier to the user to code and make quick changes. If you are an avid WordPress and does business in the latter, you will be surely amazed as to how clean and simple the codes are used in this theme framework.

Since we have already talked about WordPress, we might ask as to why a lot of people are drawn to this. WordPress provides user with huge communities of different people of different races. Genesis WordPress framework has the capability to thrive a niche within the larger of the WordPress community. With the growing number of users of the Genesis, users as well as developers can tweet or post in a forum right away. It would be like extending a support team when you have the ability to tap a network like this.

The notable resources in a community in Genesis Framework includes Genesis Dev, tutorial, support forums, and #genesiswp on twitter. Genesis Dev is actually the official Genesis WordPress resource site has in itself a growing library of the things that will support the user such as tutorials, reference documents and sites developed by the said framework.

If you are to build with Genesis Framework, it gives you an undeniable incredible head-start in deploying websites. You can create and built layout options with powerful widgets and codes and deploying them in just a short time. Just imagine how much time you can save rather than starting everything from scratch. The Framework has also undergone several upgrades already from the time it had started. As WordPress is evolving, so is Genesis.

You can really be sure that Genesis will never break your site because of its child/parent theme structure is also undergoing upgrades. If you are to compare it with custom coded websites, other developers may easily pick up where a user has left off with Genesis. What does this mean?

It simply shows that if a user were to switch web development companies, Genesis could jump right into the code and an update can be done easily without a long learning curve. That is how efficient Genesis is. One feature of Genesis is the out-of-the-box one. This comes with powerful SEO advanced custom widgets, impressive security, powerful SEO features and a lot more that will surprise you. By stating these, Genesis can move a website to any function that it wants in an easier way as possible.

Now if you will ask me as to how Genesis can be a best marketing tool? It would just be a simple answer, it is a great support. Why do people invest a lot of time and effort in WordPress? It may be because of blogging or it may be because of business.

We can do business almost anywhere in the internet and doing it in WordPress makes the whole lot job easier. But how does Genesis helps you with this? It simply is the answer that will solve your problem. Everything that you need in marketing and in creating traffic, Genesis can answer.

If you want to have a website with an impact, Genesis can give you that. If you are not familiar how to use it, no worries, they have tutorials which are very easy to understand. You can always rely on Genesis on any work that you need to do. Creating your own website is eagerly recommended in a person who owns a business. In a world where every second, millions of people are using the internet, it can be a great source of potential income because of the benefits that you can get out of it.

Of course if you want to have a greater return on your investment, you need to dole out assets by which you can convert to income later. That is also how Genesis works. You need to purchase the product for a specific amount. Anyway, always bear in mind that choosing the best supports can indeed help you reach your success in life.

What E-Commerce Is and Tips on WordPress


E-commerce, the digital mode of transactions involving cash or information sharing traced its roots on centuries old procedures in conducting trade. Since ancient times, man sought material satisfaction. Human nature spurred him to obtain resources he can use to accumulate assets. Other than negotiating skills, he must get money or things he will use in purchasing goods. He also must utilize equipment.

Speed, the Fuel for E-Commerce
What we want to achieve barely changed but how we achieve it vary as times go by. We want devices that make deals quicker. Shorter time frame equals abundant profits.  Goods plus services are exchanged within minutes or hours instead of days and weeks.  Speed characterized e-commerce’s emergence as the preferred mode of conducting deals and distribution. Swiftness drove man to explore ways on developing ideas that e-commerce adopts.

The Predecessor of E-Commerce
The Industrial Age around the mid-1900s transformed world economies and such revolution altered lifestyles. People from all walks of life sought money so they can buy things which uplift their daily living. Once they got hold of essential requirements, people focused on leisurely desires.

Animal driven conveyance and crude tools gave way to machine driven equipment for production. Rather than use horses, oxen, water buffalos or carriages, trucks carry commodities from one area to the other. Factories cropped up as demands for stocks increase. Global trade flourished too as steamships replaced galleons. Thus, traders sold their wares to a much wider customer base. Later, airplanes made transactions even faster.

E-commerce is similar to another industrial age-like alteration. Once again, modernization caused drastic adjustments, especially in business. They opened up man’s desire for invention. Therefore, digital trading derived its arrival from human nature.

People are hardly satisfied with what they own. We always seek satisfaction. Like necessity, man’s desire for leisure or survival fulfillment fueled commercialism. E-commerce provided a vehicle where trading surged because inventors developed gadgets that reduced time consumption.

The Computer’s Influence: Convenience and Swiftness
The computer was originally invented to ensure a more error-free process when we calculate or do numerous technical tasks. Ensuring swift exchange of data and communication played a significant role.

The World Wide Web became a one-stop-shop library. Any information you want you can get within seconds. Students, professionals and governments depend on the internet for almost all transactions, especially commercial ones.

The days of the homing pigeon is confined to history. Horses no longer play a role. Mail established communication lines between parties involved in business deals.  Pamphlets stored inside envelopes enticed prospective customers to buy products without heading for the malls. However, post office mail takes longer.

For domestic delivery, you need a day or three days waiting period. Sending mail towards another country takes 1-2 weeks. E-mails, on the other hand, sends your messages within seconds.

While telephones bring about instant correspondence, they cannot advertise through physical presentation. Television does but you can only view videos shown on the screen. Through the internet, curious customers type questions in search bars. They compare product advantages and disadvantages by browsing at different brands.  Entrepreneurs set up virtual stores, saving hours and transportation expenses. Shoppers prefer internet shopping for convenience’s sake. Moreover, paying items you bought online is safer since you no longer have to travel then risked being pick-pocketed. When large amounts are paid, the internet provides a safer alternative.  The same logic holds true in withdrawing or depositing cash.


The Business Advantage, Education and Employment
Telemarketing saves entrepreneurs buildings they must rent or own in order to sell and advertise products. Instead of hiring hundreds of sales clerks, a dozen call center representatives can do the tasks. Owners no longer have to pay numerous salaries or worry about additional benefits which adds financial burden on their overhead expenses.

In terms of delivery, hiring another company is much practical than putting up a warehouse then spend for rent, electricity and personnel salaries. Social networks help sell products. Blogs are mediums where even ordinary people promote items and services. Both sites cost nothing when you open an account. These savings entice numerous small businesses to rise then flourish.

Going online commercially benefits graphic designers who now have a steady income and clients. Schools such as those teaching business courses can derive lessons from digital exchanges in order to prepare students when they graduate. Computer literacy is a must. Whether you process papers in offices or do your homework, you must knowledge in basic computing skills. As a result, countries must support schools that offer information technology courses. Education prepares students for careers related to the corporate world. If they are well versed in technological operations, their employment opportunities are well secured.

Technological innovations provide jobs that can solve many nations’ unemployment woes. Think of how thousands of available work awaits prospective employees. Fresh graduates, the unemployed and those who require a second job to support their families benefit from manufacturers who develop cell phones, computers, cars, appliances or spare parts for a host of gadgets.

E-commerce boosts economies around the world as globalization creates a venue where trades from different countries exchange goods. Unlike in the ancient times, dealings only take seconds. You can stay at home and sell your stuff 10,000 miles away. Indeed, digitalization is the second coming of the Industrial Age.

How easy it is to Use WordPress
WordPress is publishing software many find easy to install. Setting it up costs nothing. For not so tech savvy persons, operating WordPress solves your problem. Online tutorials from installation to operation are plenty in the internet. The user-friendly program allows you to create then edit courtesy of your web browser. Following simple instructions does the trick. An arrow showing the next procedure will guide you.

Once you open the dashboard, you see everything you need. One click takes you to a box containing your files. Fonts on top of the upper portion provide instructions on every procedure you need to know. Once you open a page, the set up looks like the word processing program you use to create files, edit, save then print.

Since we all use it on a wide variety of tasks such as composing a document, working on WordPress is no longer a problem. Being user-friendly endeared WordPress to millions of people, from bloggers, students and professionals to offices and companies.

The Influence of Small Businesses  

Small Businesses

Small businesses possess gigantic influence on every country’s development. They form vital lifeblood on economies worldwide, from providing employment to collecting revenues for governments plus income for workers and owners. The money perks up economies and provides people the means to purchase their wants and needs.

Acquiring a blossoming occupation brings challenges that proprietors should hurdle.  Owners worry about capital, qualified personnel and skills in fields of interest they choose. Putting up stores inside malls or posting commercials in radio, television and newspapers to advertise their products help. However, the growing popularity of the internet should spur entrepreneurs to consider setting their sights on the web.

Computer technology spans worldwide. Even in developing countries, computers compete with decades old means of communication such as radio and television.  Therefore, upstart industries should establish its presence on the worldwide web.

Small businesses can either advertise on widely known websites such as social networks, sports, entertainment and online newspapers. Problem is, they cost a fortune depending on the site’s popularity. If you ever wonder why opening an e-mail account or joining the social networking bandwagon charges you nothing, it’s the advertisers who keep their spots running.

Many advertisers are small businesses who are starting to promote their wares.  Promoting goods online increase an owner’s profit and make his little industry bloom. The thing is, such approach offers limited benefits other than making your products known. Entrepreneurs cannot possibly sell products in ways they want one hundred percent. Spaces extend limited visibility. Imagine how difficult it may be selling stuff in an area no bigger than a one fourth sheet of paper, that would surely be a huge challenge.

Limited words can fill up condensed information in the box. Including video commercials in your means of advertisements are expensive too. The bigger the video spots, the more prohibitive expenses are. Certainly, a business person who is just beginning to market his merchandise could barely afford the costs since numerous overhead expenses are shouldered.

Advertising through well-known websites for a limited time helps but once your products become familiar for costumers, ponder upon putting up your own website. Take advantage of people’s preoccupation with digital technology. Almost all households in every nation own a computer or internet-driven cell phones.

But, how does setting up your own website works toward your advantage? 

Owning a website helps curious and prospective customers know your products from head to toe. Impulsive buyers abound but discriminating ones outweigh them.  Why buy an item you are unsure of?  Instinct often tells us we must know something first before loving or hating it. That’s right, there’s little credibility in the overused expression “love at first sight.”

Comments, whether praise or criticism improves product quality. Feedbacks   suggest ways on improving customer relationship. As a result, they enhance your merchandise’s survival and acceptability. When people who buy your products provide feedback, these pointers become opportunities for success regardless of what kind of reaction buyers tell you. Moreover, loyal patrons can mention your merchandise in their blogs.

Millions of people own blogs which provide not only a means of self-expression but a way of reaching out to their intended audience. If you are into selling food, gadgets, appliances or services that offer technical repairs or expert advice, positive comments from bloggers who specialize in product reviews further boost your profitability. Use social media too in promoting your business. Since opening an account cost nothing, why not expand your presence?

Through online discussions regarding your goods, you expand knowledge and access to your store.  Furthermore, engage the audience to a discussion. Open a chat line or where people can interact right away once they visit your website. Giving them an opportunity to establish communication lines means you are paying attention. Paying attention means you care. Once personal relationship is forged, loyalty remains. Treat clients as persons rather than statistics that increase sales. I am certain they will keep on coming back for more.

You can further explain the benefits of goods you sell like upgrades, additional varieties or any information that costumers request. Unlimited spaces for promotion, providing instructions on product usage, benefits, warranties and frequently asked questions are a must. Websites are virtual stores. A few clicks away and anything customers desire, they acquire. A one-stop shop for all goods you sell indeed saves you money and with the internet’s ever increasing popularity, it is almost similar to visiting malls.

Cutting marketing expenses saves you money you can use to increase capital or pay for additional overhead expenses such as salaries, electricity and maintenance.  Online purchase saves buyers transportation fare and minutes or hours they consume when do manual purchases.

Things people buy serve as their status symbol.  Customers who make your products part of their daily living forge a lifelong bond with you once they purchase because of sentimental reasons too. They frequently buy therefore they ensure steady income as well as product survival.

To make your website work to your advantage, follow these tips:

  • Ensure that your website is functioning at one hundred percent efficiency. When your site often experiences technical problems, fix troubles right away. Put up a notice explaining why such glitches occur and provide a timeline for accomplishing repairs. People understand if things don’t work well. However, frequent glitches alienate them.
  • Design should be eye catching yet not too complicated in its design. A very colorful or intricate design might confuse your viewers in choosing between appreciating the graphics first and browsing your products later.
  • Include a search engine where people can type their inquiries. They could ask questions not appearing on your advertisements. To help inquirers, post tags which aid them in asking proper questions.
  • Present testimonials from satisfied clients on the front page so you can easily convince visitors who have yet to use your products. People are more inclined to purchase if they notice satisfied customers narrating how the goods they purchased changed their lives.

Take advantage of the easier access to technology.  With the internet starting to gain popularity over printed materials, digital technology might be the key in boosting your blooming endeavor.