LongTailPro: Your Guide To Sniping Keywords

LongTailPro: How Crucial Is It in Keyword Marketing?LongTailPro: How Crucial Is It in Keyword Marketing?Every good-ol’-sniper needs a person to scope his enemies. Every CEO needs a personal analyst to advise him of every economic undertaking he will be making in the future. Every leader has a right hand who would sometimes do everything in his effort just for the very goals of that leader. The same thing is true for marketers- no marketer is an island especially if you are planning to invest in content marketing- that is article writer.

We All Know The Drills

                We already know the drill right? Content drives search engines to rank us higher while it also will convince our readers to convert. However, the most important aspect perhaps of article writer is the keyword research that is associated with it. You may write a thousand articles but if none of this articles contain keywords that are searched by your supposedly target readers or that a lot of websites are also writing about that keyword- then perhaps your efforts would just end up in futility later on. [Read more…]

BrowserStack: A Browser Within A Browser, An App Within An App

BrowserStack: How Useful Is It?

BrowserStack: How Useful Is It?

If you are an internet marketer who specializes on SEO tools, or a programmer, a web page designer or all of the above- you would probably know the common plea of may programmers out there- testing of their web-page apps. Let’s get straight to the point: when it comes to testing new apps, tools, or plug-ins, one should need to know that the app should be able to run in any smart phone device or platform, computer OS, and even web browser. Most programs have glitches on their initial stages, and platform incompatibilities is among of the few problems that needs to be corrected as early as possible. [Read more…]

Analyzing the Perils Of Inbound Marketing and How Hubspot Can Come In Handy For It

What is Inbound Marketing all about and how can Hubspot help you?

What is Inbound Marketing all about and how can Hubspot help you?

Regardless of what kind of business you have, you need it to develop. This is applicable and crucial from a little, gourmet cupcake shop to the most enormous corporate combination. A stagnant business is a falling flat business. In case you’re not seeing the sort of development that you need, you’ll need to investigate all parts of your business, including your advertising techniques. This exactly the reason why we need to inspect every internet marketing tool out there. For today, we will be analyzing what inbound marketing is all about and how Hubspot can essentially help us internet marketers in our needs. [Read more…]

Protexting: Perfect Aid For Email Marketing

Protexting: How Can It Help You In Your Online Marketing Campaign?

Protexting: How Can It Help You In Your Online Marketing Campaign?

Protexting helps you discover the best approach to achieve present and potential clients for your business. This quick message showcasing application gives you a leeway to contact your clients efficiently. Protexting offers a potentially more optimized organization for all the conacts and arrangements that you will be having in the future. You can settle on a few sorts of reporting, and you will have entry to an expansive knowledgebase to answer your inquiries.


Protexting’s administration basically manufactures an extension between you and your customers, making a two-route dialog with your contacts. Its services include giving you a quick option to give general responses to your email lists. With Protexting, you can additionally set up timetables to convey quick messages to your clients all the time or at a set time. [Read more…]

The Content Expert: Curation Soft

Curation Soft: How Exactly can It Help You?

Curation Soft: How Exactly can It Help You?

So, let’s try to say, everything is great, fine and dandy in your newly created website. You have an incredible looking webpage, and it is primed to take your online business to the following level. You’ve got all your “promoting devices” up and you have never been more prepared to advertise your business. You have chosen a couple of first class associate systems to work with, and you are all frameworks go.

But What is Absent?

Presently, amidst all of these factors present, what’s absent? Of course, the most crucial part that is of your marketing business- creating your own posts, materials, and content. Without your website’s substance, then a myriad of followers would be useless. There would be no thing to discuss and there isn’t anything that will entice new clients. Without that very crucial substance then there is nothing to optimize in your website. Without substance, your showcasing endeavors might be genuinely hampered as you have to offer something of worth to your potential guests. Well without that pretty content then your effort is futile. [Read more…]

Genesis WordPress Engine: Genius + Art Combined in One SEO Package


Genesis provides state-of-the-art SEO tools that are packed in beautiful child themes.

Genesis provides state-of-the-art SEO tools that are packed in beautiful child themes.

Knowing the fact that the field of internet marketing has become so tight for many competitors these days, it is a common knowledge for everyone, that in order for one to win more audience and market share in the internet, SEOalone nor the aesthetic value of a website is not just enough. Hence, there has been an increase demand on widgets, themes as well as SEO tools for WordPress.


                Hence, this is exactly the reason why many themes right now in WordPress are integrating both aesthetic values plus SEO tools to their themes. These types of themes are commonly called engines as they aren’t just your normal theme. They are also packed with SEO tools that are at par if not better to existing search engine optimization tools in status quo.

By far, Genesis, one of the trailblazers of these kinds of engines, is the most prominent choice among many internet marketers. The reason behind this is that Genesis has recently packed their themes with the latest SEO tools that are crucial in the field of internet marketing. Also, the quality of their themes are also unarguably the best. We would therefore discuss the features of Genesis as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this engine.

Flexibility and Theme Options

                Starting off with the general theme layout, the Genesis was able to make a very good work in creating different general layout that can suit every internet marketers need.one can surely create a layout where the main content is in the center where no widgets can intervene or perhaps a page where it is filled with a lot of widgets. Many themes have this options but it is in Genesis that it is really well prepared and done.

Also, there is a large arsenal of widgets where one can choose from. From simple text holders to email subscription forms and even sidebars. Every widget is beautifully done in order to suit and blend with the specific theme that they made. In totality, the themes really work like magic due to how the widgets highly compliment the theme.

The child themes also can be customized well to the point that every child theme can be tailored in infinitely many ways in order to suit your unique needs. As long as you have a wild imagination, then the Genesis child theme can cater to your needs as a marketer.

Genesis Theme Support

                Firstly, each theme comes with a live preview where you can actually experience the feel of what it feels like to install that very theme that you are rooting for. You can easily click the theme and see how your blog would look like if you install it.

Meanwhile, it also contains a comprehensive tutorial on how to customize the site, how to add the widgets and what 3rd party widgets to use in order to improve the performance and aesthetic value of the site. Overall, you can really customize your site due to the comprehensive tip that they give to you.

They also answer several forum sites that talks about them, hence the support in terms of building the quality is still growing. You can also call them for some quick technical questions. However, right now the site still lacks a public forum dedicated for its themes. Hence, it would probably be great if ever they make a forum that is really dedicated for Genesis.

Genesis SEO Options

Genesis by far contain built-in SEO tools that absolutely make other SEO tools out there obsolete. If you are looking for a one-shot type of installing every SEO tools, then get a Genesis engine. Basically, it contains everything that you need- from setting up Meta descriptions, Meta tags management, comment management, archiving, SEO title and header bar- everything that you need is already there. You can also easily create descriptions for each post and page and can easily integrate a form at every end of your post. It also has a dedicated setting for noydir and noodp and other helpful Meta tags.

Also, it does not envy other SEO tools. Say for example, there are other engines out there that if you install for example an SEO tool, what it does is that it conflicts with the one that you installed and one tries to override the other, hence your SEO system only gets messed up. This is absolutely not present in Genesis. You can easily create a page and if you feel like you would want a specific SEO tool, then after you install a 3rd party tool, it will inform you that that option is already available in Genesis but if you would still continue to install it, then basically, Genesis would give way. Hence no overriding or conflict will occur since obviously, you have an engine that will automatically purge an option in its setting if it feels like you would want another SEO tool to take its place.

Lastly, Genesis has built in coding systems that essentially communicate well with the web crawlers of Google, making it ultimately fast to load and search engine friendly. SEO-wise, Genesis has really nailed their theme engine right from the start.

Code Quality

Code quality is very important when it comes to SEO and even handling a site. Sure, the aesthetic front may be very good, but you see, the problem comes when the back end is very messy- your page will just load. But in Genesis, you will never have to fear with this kind of risk or harm even on the long term basis. Genesis has coded their site is such a way that it comes clean- both back end and front end. We love how each theme works nicely and fast. We can’t really vouch in for all the child theme of Genesis since it would be impossible to test them all, but by far, with the parent theme as well as all of the 16 so far child themes that we have tested, Genesis is superior compared to all other themes.


                You know what, there is no need for you to spend for a web designer or an SEO consultant. Genesis can handle your needs in terms of designing your site so well. Also, it provides a clear view of what SEO is and what you can do with it. The whole system is intuitive and is user friendly. Even if you are innately not a coder or someone who isn’t really well versed at WordPress or SEO, you can still follow through and understand the complexity of the Genesis framework. It is really one of those top-tier online themes that one can find in the market. in general, if you are looking for a theme which you can conveniently use without so much hassle, then Genesis is the best theme to go. It might be a little pricey at start with $99, but that cost will never even be half of the total cost if you hire a lot of people, design your site all by yourself and avail for many 3rd party apps and services which are clearly already given free with the Genesis parent theme. In totality, Genesis really is one of the best, if not the best WordPress theme engine there us available in the market today.