BrowserStack: A Browser Within A Browser, An App Within An App

BrowserStack: How Useful Is It?

BrowserStack: How Useful Is It?

If you are an internet marketer who specializes on SEO tools, or a programmer, a web page designer or all of the above- you would probably know the common plea of may programmers out there- testing of their web-page apps. Let’s get straight to the point: when it comes to testing new apps, tools, or plug-ins, one should need to know that the app should be able to run in any smart phone device or platform, computer OS, and even web browser. Most programs have glitches on their initial stages, and platform incompatibilities is among of the few problems that needs to be corrected as early as possible.

The Greatest Problem

You now have your application. It is there, sitting and waiting to be sold and used by many users. But then again, some users complain about your app not running on their phones or on their computer web browser. They start asking for their money back, and your app along with your credibility just goes down to the trashcan. You see, this is how crucial application compatibility testing is.

Normally, some do buy as much platforms such as Android and iPhones in order to test their apps. Many coders out there actually manually test the application on various browsers themselves. This is exactly the problem. Nor is it only costly, it is also inconvenient to begin with.

The Solution

                Gone are the days when you have to actually still manually test your app in every cellphone, smartphone, computer OS, and web browser that you can think of. You can now rely on the service of Browserstack- a web based application that can easily test your apps on multiple browsers, OS, and smartphone- all from your desktop!

How Is This Done?

Basically, you can sign up in BrowserStack to avail of this service. After you log-in, you can automatically test your app and run it through several OS and platforms. It will then tell you how fast the app can respond and return a data. It will also evaluate whether the app is optimized enough and that it will run responsively in a normal smartphone.

Supported Platforms

The beauty of Browserstack is that it can easily integrate your app in any other platforms. It can test your app for example in a Windows OS or an iOS. Also, if you want to test it through smartphones, it will emulate the environment and performance of iOS and Android. It can also offer you with various versions of the said smart phone platform. If you are not yet satisfied, you can also test it through different types of web browsers, from Google Chrome to Safari and even Opera Mini.

Offline and Online Testing

                It can also offer you with an online and offline testing- that is you can now know the performance of the app if for example the device (say, a smartphone) that the user is using is online or offline. Now, you’ll know that for example, the ads or whatever is running in your app can slow down performance if the user is connected in the internet.

Pricing and Conclusion

                For the pricing, it can offer you its services starting from $35 to $359 depending on how many users will be using your account. If you are a single app maker or a small start-up company, then you can enjoy unlimited testing for only $35! If you are yet to start your online business career, then we highly recommend the Browserstack.